About Writing

I should focus on my work but I feel compelled to write my thoughts. There appears to be no idle moment but I need to find a window to write in between things that I have to do. I  read over my writings repeatedly, pondering over every element of prose,  I arrange the sentences so as to make them  read coherently. It is meditative to watch your thoughts. When I move the sentences around, they feel contrived if  I try too hard.  I need to feel them. 

I am constantly torn between what has to be done and what I want to do. I suppose everyone is probably facing the same dilemma.

Often thoughts are fragmented. Mind is much distracted. Has it always been so ? So many thoughts pass by every moment.

I do monologues inside my head when I drive or  walk and go about doing my daily tasks. There are times interesting ideas swim in my head as I shower, wash my face and brush my teeth, if only I could remember these ramblings in my head. They are fleeting .

In Normal People written by Sally Rooney, Connell Waldron writes to Marianne when he is travelling around Italy.

Time softens out while he types, feeling slow and dilated while actually passing very rapidly, and more than once he’s looked up to  find that hours have gone by.’

This is how it feels whenever I write.

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