Why read fictions

If you are too busy, you have no time to read a book from back to back, that is kind of pity. Perhaps it is not that you are so busy that you cannot find the time, it is merely that you are too preoccupied with everything else to settle into reading a book. When someone says he or she does not read at all,  it   usually means that he or she does not read a book but they usually read the newspaper and news magazines. Some people may not read works of fictions and non-fictions, they still read about the current affairs and financial news. Reading a novel or any book will only happen if you want it to happen just like everything else. Some people may not find it easy to engage themselves in the habit of reading. Perhaps you need some reasons or a certain state of mind to motivate you to read fictions. For me I find that sometimes historical fictions can offer more than what history lessons can tell us and fiction writers can offer acute descriptions and insights to the world current or past while science fiction writers can be visionary in that they offer a glimpse to the future of the world. I came across this amazing site last week click word city stories What’s more the philosophy of the said site is this : “Much of what we believe is fact is often fiction and what we often believe is fiction is full of truth” – World City Stories philosophy.

N.B. This article was written in June 2014. https://thebooksaddict.blogspot.com/2014/06/why-read-fictions.html?view=classic

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